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24k Gold Facial Cleanser

24k Gold Facial Cleanser


Net Weight: 100g & 300g



24k Gold Facial Cleanser in Pakistan

Shadeout Gold Cleanser is a quick fix to provide your skin with all the essential nutrients it needs. It whitens the skin and evens you skin tone. The new Gold formula gives instant glow and makes your skin texture smooth. In addition to removing excess oil in the skin it reduces blackheads. tightens pores and most importantly prevents premature skin-aging. The 24 carat Gold also helps to maintain long lasting glow. Shadeout Gold Cleansers capable of removing excessive build-up on your skin without any moisture loss.


Wash face with soap or Shadeout face wash and keep the skin wet. Gently Massage the Scrub on wet skin for 5 to 10 minutes. In case the Scrub become Dry, Wet the finger tips & then massage. After wards, rinse well lukewarm water & pat dry with a Towel.

Note:-Avoid contact with eyes, area or the hairline. For the best result use once or twice in a week


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