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24K Gold Urgent Facial Kit in Pakistan



Shadeout Triple action Cleanser provides a much cleansing to face to ensure that maximum benefits of the Gold Facial are archived. It cleanses the skin while restoring the moisture balance, leaving the skin refreshing, soft and supple. It effectively cleanses pores and lift away dirt, excess oil, pollutants and dead skin cells without over-drying the skin. Note: Regularly use is recommenced for dull skin. After use, skin feels moisturized, healthy and fresh.


Apply Shadeout Double Action Cleaner on damped skin. Gently massage on face & neck in circular motions for about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward wash-off with lukewarm water & fell the difference.

Note:-Avoid Contact with Eyes.



Shadeout Gold Cleanser is a quick fix to provide your skin with all the essential nutrients it needs. It whitens the skin and evens you skin tone. The new Gold formula gives instant glow and makes your skin texture smooth. In addition to removing excess oil in the skin it reduces blackheads. tightens pores and most importantly prevents premature skin-aging. The 24 carat Gold also helps to maintain long lasting glow. Shadeout Gold Cleansers capable of removing excessive build-up on your skin without any moisture loss.


wash face with soap or Shadeout face wash and keep the skin wet. Gently Massage the Scrub on wet skin for 5 to 10 minutes. In case the Scrub become Dry, Wet the finger tips & then massage. After wards, rinse well lukewarm water & pat dry with a Towel.

Note:-Avoid contact with eyes, area or the hairline. For best result use once or twice a week.



Shadeout Gold Glow Scrub is designed to exfoliating and contains gentle micro scrubbers that work to buff and brighten skin so that it is clear & healthy-looking. It is an essential to skin care routine as old cells don’t flake off quickly enough this build-up can leave you with a rough, dull, tired-looking complexions. The advance formula smooth away roughness of a dull skin by gently removing dead skin cells, as a result, a clearer complexion stands out upon usage.




After Scrubbing the face, put liberal amount of cream into your palms & gently massage the face, neck. Massage for 5 to 10 minutes in circular motion to ensure the massage cream reaches deep inside the skin to Provide maximum benefits. After wards, wash face with water.


Shadeout Gold Massage Cream contains the whitening actives that penetrate deep to lighten and brighten skin, while revitalizing, energizing and moisturizing it. Herbal extracts soothe and renew outer dermal layers of the skin. The act of massaging using the cream stimulates circulation, polishes and exfoliates, refines skin texture and leaves the skin feeling invigorated and luminous. It is perfect for those aspiring to achieve a flawless skin.


Apply Shadeout massage cream to your face, neck & massage it for Several minutes. Let it Stay for 5 minutes. When the cream Sets in the Skin massage again for 3 more minutes with moist hands. Rinse off with clean water & achieve immediate results.



Shadeout Skin Polish diminishes wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging by polishing the skin. The treatment encourages regeneration of skin cells, which rejuvenates the lost elasticity and brightness, delivering a subtle shine and glow on the skin. Skin polishing will provide you with that flawless look that got buried under heaps of dead skin cells, protruding acne and nasty blemishes.


Professional beauty Tips: Apply Shadeout skin polish Scrub to wet the skin & Gently massage what it dries. Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry. Note:-Avoid eyes, area. For best result use twice a week.



Gold Mask Indulge, clean and nourish your skin with this all-in-one gentle Gold Mask, that purifies skin and deep cleans pores to remove buildup, reduce shine and improve skin tone. It works to draw out pore-clogging impurities and helps balance oil production with a combination of kaolin clay and salicylic acid, among other ingredients. Sensitive skin needs mild, gentle ingredients that cleanse without stripping skin or leaving it feeling dry and tight.


Apply a thin layer and leave it to dry completely before rinsing with warm water. Don’t let it reach the eye area and avoid applying it on hairline.

Note:-Use once or Twice a week for best Results. Avoid contact with eyes.


7-24 Carat Gold Serum Gold.

Shadeout 24 CARAT GOLD Serum is a specialized whitening serum formulated with exclusive ingredients to brighten the skin while simultaneously moistening it. The powerful yet natural gold Serum formula works deeply in the skin uneven tones on the face. Kosice acid in the serum helps brighten the skin tone in addition to its anti-bacterial properties Directions: Begin by wash your face and pat dry.

Note: Shake the 24 Carat Gold Serum bottle before use Put a single drop on your palm and gently apply the serum on your face Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the serum to absorb.

Net Weight: 25ml

Rate: 250


8-Skin Polisher GOLD ACCELERATOR Gold.

Prepare a mixture of 1 portion of Shadeout Without Powder Gold Accelerator and 1 portion of 8- Emulsion Vol. 20 in a nonmetallic bowl. After mixing the products, apply the mixture gently on clean skin. After application, leave it on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes & then wash it off.


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