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24K Gold Facial Scrub

24K Gold Facial Scrub


Net Weight: 100g & 300g



24K Gold Facial Scrub in Pakistan

Shadeout Gold Glow Scrub is designed to exfoliating and contains gentle micro scrubbers that work to buff and brighten skin so that it is clear & healthy-looking. It is an essential to skin care routine as old cells don’t flake off quickly enough this build-up can leave you with a rough, dull, tired-looking complexions. The advance formula smooth away roughness of a dull skin by gently removing dead skin cells, as a result, a clearer complexion stands out upon usage.


After Scrubbing the face, put liberal amount of cream into your palms & gently massage the face, neck. Massage for 5 to 10 minutes in circular motion to ensure the massage cream reaches deep inside the skin to provide maximum benefits. After wards, wash face with water.


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