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Aloe-Vera Finger Wax

Aloe-Vera Finger Wax


Net Weight: 130 g



Aloe-Vera Finger Wax

Unique & Benefits:

Shadeout Aloe-Vera Finger Wax is made from highest quality natural ingredients with pure gum & glucose absolutely free from harmful chemicals. Shadeout Aloe-Vera Finger Wax hair removal system lift away the whole hair from root, so it can take up to 20 days to grow back and regrowth is usually fewer and softer. Regular use of Shadeout Aloe-Vera Finger Wax can effectively protect your skin from harmful chemicals normally used.

Directions for use:

Wash your skin with Shadeout Whitening & Beauty Soap thoroughly before using finger wax. After drying, carefully apply a small quantity of finger wax with finger tips on the roots of the hair and peel off to the opposite direction of hair growth with a jerk. Repeat the process if some hairs are left.


Don’t let the finger wax dry on the skin, make sure your skin is clean & free from oil or lotion. The wax should not come into contact with water as they become effective. Do not use wax on acne, cuts, irritated and burned skin.


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